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Disinfectants / Ground Sanitisers for Poultry

Many of you that have been on one of our poultry keeping courses will already know about these two super products - Coop Care - dry disintfectant for inside poultry coops & Poultry Care - ground disinfectant for outside poultry coops to keep the ground sanitised.


We have been using these two products for a number of years and can thoroughly recommend both products. Since using these disinfectants we have not had ONE case of whole batch death in chicks due to coccidiosis. These products are one of our 'CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT' products.


The products are made by Bolshaw Animal Health and are ecologically and environmentally friendly. Dried droppings  and other waste treated with these products can be added directly to garden compost to improve quality.

Bolshaws has been serving the UK agricultural industry for many years. With a background in farming they are passionate and highly committed to ensure their products are continually effective in maintaining high levels of animal health.


ltry care is an easy to apply ground disinfectant for use in poultry runs outside the coop where droppings build up and contamination is most likely. Spreading Poultry Care will have an immediate effect on the potentially harmful bacteria that thrive in this environment.

What it does:

Poultry Care maintains a sterile alkaline enriovnment in excess of pH12 for sustained periods. The reaction of Poultry Care with water create a sudden temperatutre rise to over 70 degrees that destroys all but the most thermally resistant organisms.


During this reaction Poultry Care absorbs the water from the treated area to create a more stable and sanitary environment. Poultry Care also kills off the biological organisms that cause odours and prevent sfermentation of the effluent.


What is it effective against?

  • Salmonella

  • Coccidiosis

  • E.Coli

  • Avian Influenze

  • Barchyspira


How to Apply:


  1. Wait until birds have gone to bed - or remove from the area whilst ground is treated.

  2. Wet ground (not normally required in this wet country of ours!)

  3. Sprinkle Poultry Care liberally on ground (approx 300 g per metre square)

  4. Leave Poultry Care on ground untouched over night - or for at least 4 hours.

  5. Birds can then be let back in to the treated area or leave over night and let them out in the morning.

Poultry Ground Sanitiser

Poultry Care - Outdoor Ground Sanitiser

How to Apply Poultry Care

Poultry Ground Santiser Step 1

Take one Filthy Pen

When the ground is compacted it will hold onto water and looks a complete disgusting mess.

Turn Top Soil Over

A little bit of work to turn over the top soil to improve drainage. Immediately the ground is already looking significantly better. The hens will love digging in their newly turned over surface.

Poultry Ground Santiser Step 2
Poultry Ground Santiser Step 3

Apply Poultry Care

Wait until the evening when your birds have gone to roost. Make sure you lock them away for the night in their coop.


Apply Poultry Care liberally to ground (with birds locked away)

Put the kettle on - let the poultry care do the work and your birds can be let out the next day safe in the knowledge that their environment is sanitised.

We often will add a fresh layer of wood chippings onto the ground the following day to make it all look lovely again.

Coop Care - Disinfectant for inside the coop

Coop Care

Poultry Coop Sanitiser

Coop Care is a specially ground lime based product that effectively sanitises the coop. Spreading Coop Care on the floor of  you poultry coop will kill bacteria and provide a healthy housing environment for the flock. As well as acting as a disinfectatnt , Coop Care will also deodorise the poultry house. This will

also reduce the number of flies in the coop - a well known source of poultry infection.

How to use it:


  1. Clean out poultry coop - removing bedding

  2. Sprinkle on the base of the poultry coop - so that the coop floor is lightly covered.

  3. Add fresh bedding on top of coop care - no need to sweep out

  4. Birds can immediately be returned to the poultry coop - no need for them to be kept off the area.dd fresh bedding on top of coop care - no need to sweep out.

Health & Safety Precautions

With both of these products sensible precautions should be taken.


  • Keep out of reach of children

  • Always wear suitable gloves and eye / face protection

  • Do not inhale.

  • In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

  • Store in a cool dry place.

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