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Biosecurity Advice

This advice has been prepared by

Victoria Roberts BVSc MRCVS Honorary Veterinary Surgeon to the Poultry Club of Great Britain.

  • Keep feed under cover to minimise wild bird attraction.

  • Keep water fresh and free of droppings.

  • Keep waterfowl and chickens seperate.

  • Control Vermin.

  • Quarantine new stock for 2-3 weeks.

  • Quarantine birds after taking to an exhibition for 7 days.

  • Change clothes and wash boots before and after visiting other breeders.

  • Change clothes and wash boots before and after attending a sale.

  • Keep fresh disinfectant at the entrance to poultry areas for dipping footwear.

  • Disinfect crates before and after use, especially if lent to others. However, it is prefarble not to be sharing equipment.

  • Disinfect vehicles which have been on poultry premises but avoid taking vehicles onto other premises.

  • Wash hands beofre and after handling poultry.

  • Comply with any import / export regulations / guidelines.

These are common-sense measures which can easily be incorporated into daily routine.

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