Page Updated 16.09.21
Over the last 18 months we have been trialling various ways in which we can keep ourselves and yourselves safe whilst minimising the risk of transmission of COVID.Initially we only allowed non contact collections then for a short while we allowed 'contact' collections - sadly we felt we really were putting ourselves at risk due to the amount of time and contact we were spending with people. We therefore took the decision to revert back to the non contact option again. Hopefully in 2022 we will be able to go back to our 'old way of working' however for now we respectfully ask that we keep to the non contact option.

Summary: Place your order online along with the correct number of boxes. We will arrange a date and time that is convenient for you to collect and will have the birds ready for collection in their boxes as arranged. Full details will be sent after order is received.

How to order birds:

  • Select the birds you would like to order from the choice below - add to basket.
  1. Add enough Carrier Boxes for your birds - two birds will go into a single box.
  2. Add any feed / drinkers / sundries / coops that you may need to your order so that they will be ready at the same time.
  3. Complete your order online along with payment details.
  4. We will check your order to confirm everything is in stock (NO PAYMENT WILL BE PROCESSED UNTIL THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED). We will also contact you if we think there is an error in your order (often this is when poultry carriers have not been added to your order) 
  5. We will contact you promptly after receiving your order to arrange a collection time.
  6. Directions will be emailed to you - PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR SAT NAV.
  7. We will select your birds as requested - we will always choose the most mature that we have at the time for you. The birds will be treated with Louse Powder so that you can be reassured they are clean and ready for their new homes.
  8. Please arrive promptly at your appointment time as we are keeping appointments to every 30 mins. This is to minimise the chance of people meeting in the courtyard and everyone is kept safe. Help yourself to your order - it will be ready for you as per email instructions.
  9. Take your girls home - we normally recommend keeping them in a quiet area for a couple of days to allow them to settle.

We hope you understand that we really are doing everything to keep both yourselves and ourselves safe during this time.
Email any questions please to :

Descriptions of birds - I have tried my best to give a general idea of what the brids personalities are like on the whole. I cannot state enough that this is a complete generalisation - you only have to look at two siblings to realise that they can have very different personalities! I am always more than happy to offer you personalised advice on particular birds that I have in at the moment. So for example I have had customers ask for child friendly birds and I have selected my most friendly birds that i have at the time (those that come up to you to be caught!)

A lovely looking bird - speckled over the body.
A good sized bird often can become quite 'chunky'.
Can be quite dominant in the flock - usually taking the role of 'queen bee'.
A nice addition to any mixed flock.


A lovely looking bird - Grey Pluammage with darker head neck and tail
A pleasant addition to any flock just tends to get on with it - quite independent but some can be very friendly. 
Size wise can become quite 'chunky'.
Lays good sized Medium Brown Eggs

Black Rocks

A medium size bird, dark brown/black with golden plummage over neck and chest.
Some birds are nearly all black - let me know if you have a preference.
The amount of golden plummage can range from virtually none to all over the body.
Can have a beetle green sheen to the with plummage that is simply stunning in the sunlight.
A well natured bird - some are super friendly some just get along with it.
Lays good sized medium brown eggs



White Stars


A slimmer bird with White Plummage.

Tends to be more flighty due to the size of the bird. One of our favourite breeds due to the amazing White Eggs that they lay.

A real egg laying machine.

A nice bird that can be independent and just simply gets on with being a hen!

Does particularly well in a large free range flock.

Lays good sized White Eggs



Birds are all sold at POL - this is typically known as 16 - 19 weeks, however, please be aware that some birds may be 22 - 24 weeks before they actually start to lay eggs. If you are purchasing birds solely for the intention of having eggs quickly please be aware that it may be anything from 2 - 6 weeks from purchasing before your birds will start laying. In some cases our customers have had birds lay in the traveling box on the way home. It depends on breed and age that they are sold. Birds in high demand may be sold even younger, sometimes birds can reach 22 weeks before sold - hence they lay very soon after collection. If Eggs are the main reason for getting birds email me and I can advise which birds we have that are currently the closest to egg laying.

Once birds are home we recommend that they are kept in as quiet a location as possible to allow them to settle into their new home. If introducing to existing chickens pleae read our recommendations to help.

We have approx 100 birds coming through every 6 weeks from April - September. It takes 6 months for the egg to be incubated / chick to be reared and then for the birds to be ready at POL for their new homes, please understand we try to always have a good variety available, however sometimes demand is high and we have a limited choice. Once birds are available we are happy to reserve for you - for a maximum of 72hrs for you to make arrangements for collection. All birds are fully vaccinated. On collection will be treated with Louse Powder as well so that they have the best chance to settle into their new homes.