Poultry Care / Coop Care

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Poultry Carrying Boxes

Have a look at our amazing poultry carrying boxes - as seen and used at the National Poultry Championships.

If you show your birds these really are fantastic - can be stacked and wheeled along into the show hall. 

From £81 each including delivery & personalisation.


Need a box to take your new hens home in?

We also sell Cardboard Pet Carriers at £2.95 each.

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Woodchips for Poultry Runs

It is important when you are choosing a surface for your hens runs to choose one that is suitable for the hens. Ideally you need a surface that encourages scratching as this will prevent boredom from setting in. Happy hens have far less health problems. When looking for a suitable surface you need to consider the following.

BARK - this HOLDS water therefore your pen will become wetter if you put this down on the surface. More importantly it can hold a mold spore - ASPERGILLUS which is a mould that can cause respiratory problems.

We have scoured the country for a suitable surface and have found a great HARDWOOD wood chip that is suitable for poultry. It is BARK FREE and therefore aids drainage. It has large pieces from 10mm - 40mm which helps prevent the chippings from becoming compacted and ensures they are long lasting.

The chickens love it; it keeps them clean, gives them something to scratch in all day long, washes through with the rain and only needs topping up perhaps once or twice a year. Much better than bark, which is not advised because of the mould spores, and it does become slushy after the rain; softwood would degrade very quickly and just work its way into the mud; hardwood will just sit on top of the ground and can easily withstand all weathers; even though it is a hardwood it is still soft enough for the birds and best replicates the surfaces from their ancestoral roots from the jungle. We have found this woodchip is a perfect surface for chickens ....

So if you have a fixed run and they are down to bare earth, sprinkle a good layer of this in the run and you will have happy hens! It can be left in situ - if you are wanting to sanitise the ground remember to use our Poultry Care disinfectant on the chippings and it will keep any bacteria at bay.

Plastic sack holding 60 litres or weighing approx 15-17kg.

We recommend 3 bags per 2 M square. 

 ¬£8.00 per bag - COLLECTION ONLY

Laying our Woodchips


Preparing the area

Our Woodchips are perfect for pathways as well.

Hardwearing - ours had been down for FOUR years before being replaced...

removing the old chippings and using them as a top dressing on our garden borders. 

Photo before - having removed the old woodchip.

Finished job

Photo after..