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Poultry Care / Coop Care

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Bird Reservation
We have approx 100 birds coming through every 6 weeks from April - September. It takes 6 months for the egg to be incubated / chick to be reared and then for the birds to be ready at POL for their new homes, please understand we try to always have a good variety available, however sometimes demand is high and we have a limited choice. Once birds are available we are happy to reserve for you - for a maximum of 5 days for you to make arrangements for collection. All birds are fully vaccinated. On collection will be treated with Louse Powder as well so that they have the best chance to settle into their new homes.

Birds available now - updated 22nd Sept  2019
Bluebelles / White Stars / Light Sussex / Speckledy / Barred / Black Rocks / Buff Barred / Black Tails / Warrens

Hybrid Poultry For Sale

White Stars - £18.50

Slender White Bird.

These are one of our absolute favourite hens... however they are NOT for everyone. They are very active birds and prefer to be left alone - not recommended if you want a bird to cuddle in an afternoon!

*EGG COLOUR -  large white eggs - a favourite for the show bench!*

Black  /Rhode Rocks £18.50

Black hens with a ruffle of chestnut neck feathers, these are hardy and productive layers of brown eggs. Bred from the Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock, they should produce around 270 eggs in their first year.

Utility Light Sussex - £18.50

Very attractive large bird - with traditional markings
A calm nature.


Bluebelles - £18.50

Very attractive large bird.
A calm nature.

*EGG COLOUR - Plum Bloom (purple/brown)*

Barred / Speckledy - £18.50

A dark grey and white mottled hen that is created by crossing a pure bred Rhode Island Red cock with a Marans hen.

The Speckledy has feathering that resembles the Marans and will produce more eggs than this pure breed but may lay slightly less well than some other hybrids. Her eggs are brown and often speckled.

Buff Barred / Black Tail - £18.50

Buff Barred / Black Tail is a very popular, attractively coloured layer for small scale and free range production conditions. It is similar to the old native breed Barred Rhode Islander.

This layer has high egg productivity producing brown shell eggs. 310 eggs at 74 weeks.

Mar's'bar / Columbine - £25.00

A beautiful looking bird - comes in various shades of colour - but all have the distinctive head wear! A little tuft on top of their head shows their ancestry - bred from a Legbar crossed with the Maran. Can come in 'brown' version as seen here - coming from the Legbar ancestry or a speckled version (grey and white) coming from the Maran ancestry. 

*They lay a lovely GREEN coloured egg.* 


*Egg Colour*

Please be aware that egg colour is an indicator and cannot be guaranteed. Each bird is an individual and there will be fluctuations in colour due to nature.