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Poultry Care / Coop Care

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Bird Reservation

PAGE UPDATE 29.5.2020


If you would like to get early notification when next birds are ready please EMAIL to be added to the list. All people on the list will be sent an email 24 hrs in advance of general release so that they can get first choice of birds.

Any questions please email - rarebreedpoultry@hotmail.com


We have been inundated with requests to buy chickens... we are going to do our best to try to sort out birds for people. We have put together what we hope is a safe procedure for collecting birds.

How to order birds:
  1. Have a look at the birds that are available from the selection below - make your choice.
  2. Go onto our Pay & Collect Page and select your birds .
  3. Add enough Carrier Boxes for your birds - two birds will go into a single box.
  4. Add any feed / drinkers / sundries / coops that you may need to your order so that they will be ready at the same time.
  5. We will check your order to confirm everything is in stock (NO PAYMENT WILL BE PROCESSED UNTIL THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED) 
  6. We will contact you promptly after receiving your order to arrange a collection time.
  7. Directions and will be emailed to you - PLEASE FOLLOW THESE DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR SAT NAV.
  8. We will select your birds as requested - we will always choose the most mature that we have at the time for you. The birds will be treated with Louse Powder so that you can be reassured they are clean and ready for their new homes.
  9. Please arrive promptly at your appointment time as we are keeping appointments to every 30 mins. This is to minimise the chance of people meeting in the courtyard and everyone is kept safe. Help yourself to your order - it will be ready for you as per email instructions.
  10. Take your girls home - we normally recommend keeping them in a quiet area for a couple of days to allow them to settle.

We hope you understand that we really are doing everything to keep both yourselves and ourselves safe during this time.
Email please to : rarebreedpoultry@hotmail.com

*Egg Colour*

Please be aware that egg colour is an indicator and cannot be guaranteed. Each bird is an individual and there will be fluctuations in colour due to nature.

Birds are all sold at POL - this is typical known as 16 - 19 weeks, however, please be aware that some birds may be 22 - 24 weeks before they actually start to lay eggs.
If you are purchasing birds solely for the intention of having eggs quickly please be aware that it may be anything from 2 - 6 weeks from purchasing before your birds will start laying. In some cases our customers have had birds lay in the traveling box on the way home. It depends on breed and age that they are sold. Birds in high demand may be sold even younger, those that are in lower demand will reach perhaps 20 weeks before sold - hence they lay very soon after collection.If Eggs are main reason for getting birds email me and I can advise which birds we have that are currently the closest to egg laying.
We have approx 100 birds coming through every 6 weeks from April - September. It takes 6 months for the egg to be incubated / chick to be reared and then for the birds to be ready at POL for their new homes, please understand we try to always have a good variety available, however sometimes demand is high and we have a limited choice. Once birds are available we are happy to reserve for you - for a maximum of 48 hrs for you to make arrangements for collection. All birds are fully vaccinated. On collection will be treated with Louse Powder as well so that they have the best chance to settle into their new homes.