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Bird Reservation

If birds are showing as available they can be reserved up to 5 days in advance of collection. After this time they are released on general sale. If the breed you would like is not available please email and we can notify you when they are ready for collection. Please be aware if birds are showing as available we cannot reserve for collection in several months time etc.. Please contact us instead, the week before you are ready to collect, to see what is available.

To reserve or discuss options please contact us on :

Birds available now - updated 3rd Nov 2018
Light Sussex / White Stars
All other breeds will be available Spring 2019

Hybrid Poultry For Sale

Black Rocks £18.50

A lovely looking bird - good layers of brown eggs.
Attractive Black and Copper plumage.


Email to reserve

Magpie - £18.50

Very attractive large bird.
A calm and docile distinctly marked  hybrid.


Email to reserve

Utility Light Sussex - £18.50

Very attractive large bird - with traditional markings
A calm nature.


Email to reserve

Bluebelles - £18.50

Very attractive large bird.
A calm nature.

EGG COLOUR - Plum Bloom (purple/brown)

White Stars - £18.50

Slender White Bird.

These are one of our absolute favourite hens... however they are NOT for everyone. They are very active birds and prefer to be left alone - not recommended if you want a bird to cuddle in an afternoon!

EGG COLOUR -  large white eggs - a favourite for the show bench!