Poultry Care / Coop Care

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Poultry Carrying Boxes

Have a look at our amazing poultry carrying boxes - as seen and used at the National Poultry Championships.

If you show your birds these really are fantastic - can be stacked and wheeled along into the show hall. 

From £81 each including delivery & personalisation.


Need a box to take your new hens home in?

We also sell Cardboard Pet Carriers at £2.95 each.

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Lice & Mites

Definitely the number one cause of health problems in poultry. You must be prepared to deal with them! The key is in prevention rather than cure. No-one can stop birds getting lice or mites. They are carried from bird to bird and can arrive on the back of wild birds. Regular use of Louse powder will keep most lice and mites away. Various products are available on the market to spray the houses with when cleaning them out weekly. Be vigilant all the year around and if you spot anything, treat quickly or they can get out of control!