Poultry Care / Coop Care

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Poultry Feed

Your choice of feed is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. Often people will spend a lot of money on birds , houses and set up, to then over look the importance of your poultry feed. Remember what goes in comes out! If you are having birds for egg production then you want your eggs to be tasty and good quality. If you want your birds for admiring you want their coats to be gleaming! I have tried many products over the years but I am now using Fancy Feed products on all my birds. They have a range suitable for all poultry keepers. I use their breeder and show pellets for my adult stock but they also have a really good layers pellet for people that don't need the extra nutrients for showing or breeding! I especially love the fact that the pellets are smaller than the others on the market - perfect for my lovely little bantams.

When buying feeders for your birds always buy a bigger container than you think you will need. At first it may seem a novelty filling up the containers each day but in the cold and wet weather in the winter it may not be quite a novelty! Ideally a container should hold enough feed for a few days. At the same time don't buy a container so large that it will store a month's food as it will encourage mould to develop on any damp feed and you will cause health issues with your birds! Site the feed in a dry place - inside the coop if room to discourage wild birds and vermin helping themselves. Outside if necessary but ensure it is kept dry - you can buy feeders with 'rainhoods' which creates a canopy over the feeder.

I sell a selection of my favourite feeders and drinkers - I have made the mistakes over the years so you don't have to! Buy the best you can afford they offer much better value over the years.


Clean fresh water is an absolute priority for keeping birds in good health. I always add a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar to my drinkers I find it keeps the drinkers slime free, algae free and also claims to have health properties for the birds. Don't add Apple Cider Vinegar to metal containers - only to plastic as it will corrode the metal. You can also add a few cloves are garlic which offers natural antibacterial properties. Water should be changed daily and it is really important in very cold weather that you check several times a day to ensure it has not frozen solid. Please when buying water containers avoid the ones that just push on (they are red bottomed) they are cheap - which is good but I find that the plastic splits when you pull the base off to refill..... very expensive in the long term. It is better to use a water container that has a twist on twist off locking system.