Our Covid 19 Policy

Bev’s Poultry - COVID UPDATE to our working practice

COVID 19 – Keeping us all healthy

In view of the recent outbreak we, at Bev’s Poultry, have looked at how we can help minimise the risk for customers and ourselves during this worrying time.

Sundries Orders

If you wish to order supplies we will now only accept online orders – we will then pick your order and leave ready for you as arranged – please remember online to leave a day and time that you would like to collect. Your order will already have been paid for so you will be free to collect without coming into contact with anyone. For new customers I will send you the directions to ours and some short videos showing exactly where you can collect your order on arrival. Appointments for collections will be every 30 mins throughout the day - please arrive promptly at time requested so that we then have time to get the next order out for our next customer without risk of crossing in the courtyard. 

Poultry Orders

Rather than customers coming to the property to choose their birds - instead we are putting photos of bird selection on the website for people to choose their birds remotely. We are asking that people also purchase a cardboard carrier so that the birds can be put into the carrier ready for collection. The carriers are large enough to hold two birds. Poultry will be put in the same place as the sundries collection ready for you to collect. We will only be putting the girls out 5 mins before you appointment time so please if you arrive early - please wait in your car until we have put the girls out on the pallet ready. Please don't come and knock on our door telling us you are early - please don't come to us to help us carry the boxes across the yard - I know you are only trying to help but this defeats the object of our remote selling policy.

Regarding Holiday Boarding:

24 hrs before arrival, we ask that you pay your balance online: http://www.rarebreedpoultry.co.uk/boardingdeposits.htm

We ask on arrival that you put your birds in their carriers / boxes into the cages that are left ready for you at the front of our property… DO NOT TAKE YOUR BIRDS OUT OF THEIR BOXES PLEASE PLACE THE ENTIRE BOX INTO THE CAGE.

If your box does not fit into the cage then put the box to the side of the cage (the cage is only an extra precaution in case your boxes are not very secure). Once you have left we will then take your boxes / carriers and sort your birds out – applying louse powder as normal and putting them into their pens for their stay with us. We will keep your boxes / carriers for the duration of the birds boarding.

On Collection – your birds will be placed back in their own boxes / carriers and again will be put back into the cages in front of the house – ready for you to collect as arranged previously. Please help yourself to your birds.

When we handle your carriers / boxes we will be wearing disposable gloves and will be using disinfectant wipes on the handles of the carriers (if plastic) and also the cage handles.

We feel that this is the best way to minimise contact between people and to keep everyone safe and well. We are sure you can appreciate that with our customers travelling to all destinations during this time we have to be ultra careful and this way we will literally not come into contact with anyone on their return.

We hope by taking these steps we are doing our absolute best to keep everyone safe and well. Its a horrible time but we have had some amazing feedback from our customers since introducing these measures. We are always interested if people have any other suggestions that may help please email us as we really do want to offer the safest and best service possible. (Its a regular topic around our dinner table coming up with even better ideas so please we are always open to suggestions)