Poultry Care / Coop Care

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Poultry Carrying Boxes

Have a look at our amazing poultry carrying boxes - as seen and used at the National Poultry Championships.

If you show your birds these really are fantastic - can be stacked and wheeled along into the show hall. 

From £81 each including delivery & personalisation.


Need a box to take your new hens home in?

We also sell Cardboard Pet Carriers at £2.95 each.

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Boarding Deposits

A quick and easy place to pay for you boarding deposit... 

Once I have confirmed that we have availability for your hens I will email you the amount of your deposit - please can you then click the relevant deposit below where you will be taken to your payment page.

PLEASE do not pay your deposit until I have confirmed availability. 

Should your deposit come to more than the following prices please duplicate the prices (e.g £100 deposit - 2 x £50)

Under Comments about your order on the check out page it would help if you put your name and also dates so that we can cross reference. Even more important if the name on the card does not match the name of the person booking the boarding.

Many thanks


Worming Per Bird £2.00
50 p