Series of short videos designed to help people starting in chickens for the first time.

We have put these videos together to help you during Coronovirus Outbreak. Normally we would run through this when you come to collect your birds however due to social distancing this is now not possible.. Please be understanding these videos have been done in a very short space of time, due to urgent need, for helping people start with birds they may have just bought. Our goal is to increase the number of videos and then time permitting start to edit them and make them a little more professional! Many thanks xx Stay Safe xx

All our videos are available on our You Tube Channel

Chicken Basics - Part 1

Feeders - how to put it together and what to feed your hens.

Chicken Basics - Part 2

Drinkers - why do we use these and what do we put in them.

How to hold a chicken without it scratching you

The first video James ever made - 6 years old now but its still as relevent today as ever. 

Louse and Mite Prevention - Part 1

Which products we use on the birds and in the coop.

Louse and Mite Prevention - Part 2

Treating a bird with Louse Powder

How to clip Chickens Wings ...

To help stop it from flying off.

What to look for when choosing your chickens..

How to select a healthy chicken - showing which will lay first!